Juliana is having a good day. Her oxygen is down to 27%, which is fantastic. (Remember, room air is 21%.) However, her rate continues to remain fairly high, to keep the CO2 levels down. We have set up a meeting on Monday with the cardiologist to discuss the possibility of surgery for her PDA. According to the nurse, one of the doctors today suggested that surgery was our best option. We will wait to hear the risk analysis on Monday and see what the specialists think.

They are also weaning her off of her hydrocortisone and trying to keep her fluid levels low to give the PDA as much support as possible to allow it to close on its own. At this point they don’t think that it will, but by lowering her fluid levels and administering Lasix, a diuretic, they hope to at least prevent the PDA from getting larger. She continues to have good urine output.

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29 thoughts on “11/20/09

  1. I’m so excited for Juliana’s progress and for the picture to come. Continue to get stronger Juliana, we all love you!

    lots of love, hugs and prayers

  2. Can’t wait to see the picture!

    Thanks for the progress report. I think I checked about 5 times today! This sounds promising. What’s so nice is to actually being able to DO something – moving forward.

    We keep you all in our prayers constantly.


  3. What an awesome surprise to see all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!!! Love you!

  4. AGH!!!! Pictures!! 🙂 She’s so beautiful! I can’t wait until I can hold her. Justin said “oh wow. She’s gotten bigger!”

  5. Happy Sabbath, the pictures are wonderful. My prayers for today are to give you all the Sabbath rest you need to deal with next week’s issues.

  6. So nice to hear great news! That is great she is only using 27% oxygen. Amazing! She looks really good, and has really grown! How much does she weigh now. I know surgery is scary, but she will do great. We continue to pray for her, and your precious little girl!:) All that Kangaroo care will make her grow and develop faster.;) Keep up the good work Juliane, and Mommy and Daddy!
    Happy Sabbath.
    Monica and Jeff

  7. What beautiful pictures! She’s *so* tiny! And I see from other posts that she’s grown. Wow. I know the kangaroo care has to be great for all of you. What a blessing. We’ll continue to keep you all in prayer as you continue to love your sweet baby girl!

  8. Awwwww….so stink’n cute! How so very precious and so so so tiny! Loved seeing the pics and your’s and Jen’s happy smiling faces! Hope all goes well with the Cardiologist on Monday – keeping you all in my prayers.

  9. Jen & Jason the pics are wonderful. Jen, I wanted to share with you that Robby had heart surgery when he was 10 days old. He was called a “blue baby” at birth, and new-mom me thought that was b/c he was born in January. Yeah, I know better now. His Aorta was punched and he was not getting enough blood to his extremities. He would not have made it to his first birthday without the surgery. You may have seen his scar, it goes from the middle of his back, around his side and toward the front. It was called “closed heart surgery” b/c they went in between his ribs. His surgery was at JHH. The technology of today is even greater than it was 18 yrs ago. I am so thankful for the Dr’s & nurses that work in peds. We are all praying for Julianna, and all of those taking care of her. Stay strong, and keep the faith, the Lord will come soon and take us all home. Hugs to all 3 of you.

  10. So beautiful! You guys are such natural parents. It’s hard to appreciate how tiny yet perfectly complete she is. 🙂

  11. She is beautiful! Tiny and perfect (as Nikki says). And what dark hair! Let’s hope it turns red! I can’t wait to hold her.

  12. Jason & Jen,

    Juliana is so beautiful and so precious. I love the pictures, especially of the ones of you guys holding her. Thanks for the updates and the pictures – I had been hoping to get to see another picture of her. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers and for the decisions that will be made. Sending big hugs and lots of love your way.

  13. My heart is singing praises to our great and mighty God who takes such care of sweet Juliana! God bless you all, and have a peaceful Sabbath.

  14. What beautiful pictures!! We will continue to hold you and Juliana in our hearts and prayers, as well as the doctors and nurses who are caring for your sweet girl.

  15. Hey Guys,
    Love the pics!! I miss her so much already!! Wish I was still there to watch her squirm around and make her funny little faces. I’ll send you my pictures of her soon. love you all tons and tons!

  16. What a wonderful surprise to see pictures! Wow, she looks so much bigger than I remember! I know it must have been a very special moment to finally hold your precious baby. My eyes are crying as I think of that awesome moment. I’m so glad they let you do kangaroo care; it’s so much better for baby and mommy and daddy.

    Can’t wait to see you after Thanksgiving! Love, Mommy

  17. She is so precious! I love all that dark hair. It does look like she has grown a lot. Has she made it to 2 pounds yet? We’ll keep praying that the ductus will close and surgery won’t be necessary. May God hold all three of you in His hands and give you a special Sabbath.

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