11/19/09 PDA

The team met today to discuss Juliana’s PDA during rounds. Right now, they are in a gray area as far as making a clear plan of action. Her stats don’t point clearly towards surgery or towards closing on its own. The cardiologist and cardiac surgeon will be meeting a little bit later today to discuss further. We are hoping to get a clearer picture of the pros and cons of either decision. Right now we are in limbo.

Update: Juliana’s condition doesn’t require any intervention at this point. We are going to wait and see over the weekend how she does.

12 thoughts on “11/19/09 PDA

  1. Praying that God leads the Medical Team with the correct decisions. Praying for you guys too that you feel God’s presence during this time and for little Juliana that she remains strong!

    Love you guys!

  2. Ugh, sorry. I hate limbo. Not knowing is sometimes worse than knowing the bad, because you can’t do anything. Still praying for you guys.

  3. We will pray for you and the doctors as they deliberate! Our precious little preemie needed surgery as her ductus did not close with the rounds of medicine. At first, it appeared to only have a slight opening so surgery was not opted for, but after time, it opened wider and she had more “spells”. After another echo, they determined it had opened too wide. The surgery was exactly what her little body needed. She had her surgery around 1 month after her birth, and I remember it like yesterday! And I thanked God for the wonderful surgeons as she rebounded from the surgery like a pro! Has a tiny little scar on her back.

  4. We are praying every day for the little hole to close up on its own! And praying for you guys to have the peace of feeling Jesus very near.

  5. Good news on the update…hopefully Juliana will get better on her own (with God’s healing hands!) so it will no longer be a concern!

    Hope you all enjoy your weekend and able to get in some more of that Kangaroo time!!!

  6. We are thrilled at Julianna’s progress. Kangaroo holding is so important – we will keep praying that she need less and less from the medical team and get more and more from you. We keep you all in our hearts and prayers.

  7. How wonderful to see photos of that little Acorn with her parents smiling and holding her close!

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