Juliana just got her heart echo a few minutes ago, so we should get a result from the cardiologist later this afternoon. Her CO2 has continued to be in the 50s, so her rate has been turned up to 58 breaths per minute. If her rate improves, Jen may be able to hold her later today. If it continues to be high, they can turn her up to 60, but after that she would require the oscillator again to blow off the excess carbon dioxide. We’re hoping she will turn it around today.

Update: The cardiologist reported that she still has a small PDA. Tomorrow morning they will discuss during rounds what the next step will be for her. I am not certain which way it will go, but surgery is a definite option. If so, surgery would be scheduled fairly quickly, as early as Friday is a possibility. We had planned on going home tomorrow for a night or two, but we will see what is in store for her first.

9 thoughts on “11/18/09

  1. I bet if she knew that it meant Mommy could hold her, she’d work even harder to get those numbers back up! 🙂 hehe.

  2. Praying for showers of blessings for all of you! You all deserve it!!! Love and miss you!

  3. One of the students at Heritage High School in Ringgold, Ga., told me tonight that her youth group has been praying for Juliana and both of you. I thought I should pass that on to you.

  4. God is good. We’re still praying for your family. God is blessing you so much!

  5. All is well whatever treatment they decide to go with. For that, let us continue to give thanks for what God is doing in Juliana’s life.

  6. Praying Juliana can stay on the conventional vent., and for no surgery. You continue to be in our prayers and thoughts. Thanks for updates.
    Monica and Jeff

  7. Dear Jason and Jen;
    I know your Mom from High School Jen. We have been communicating and she has told me about you and the babies. I am so sorry you are going through this. I am writing because my own daughter has recently gone through the same thing you have. Her twin daughters were born at 26 weeks (a little older) and she lost one of them at one week old. I have watched your blog from the beginning and let me tell you, that it has brought back so many memories. Everything that Juliana is going through, my Gianna went through. She also had the heart (PDA) problem and had surgery. She recovered rapidly and has no more problems with that. One other area that I hope they look carefully for is ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) Our Gianna has that and had many eye surgeries. I tell you this to give you hope. Gianna is now 2 and has come a long way. She is a healthy, beautiful little toddler.
    My daughter Liesl has said she would be glad to be a support and resourse person if you want. I can share her email with you if you want it. Let me know.
    I read your blog daily and keep up on Juliana’s progress. We are praying for her here in Oregon.
    God Bless. Kathy

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