Juliana is having a good day today. They were able to completely turn off her dopamine drip which means she is able to maintain her blood pressure. They retaped her ET tube at about 4 since it looked a little loose, and now everything is snug as it should be. She has been holding steady on her respirator for the most part. They turned her rate slightly up to about 52 breaths per minute to blow off some excess CO2, but her O2 needs have hovered in the 40-50% range which is good. It has been as low as the 30s at times. She just received some medication in her lungs through what looked like an aerosol asthma type container. The name escapes me at the moment. Albuterol? That might be it. If she tolerates that well, Jen may be able to do some kangaroo care this evening. We joked about who gets to wear the button-up shirt today. Of course, it’s her turn today. I’ve been reading The Happiest Baby on the Block while sitting in the NICU. An interesting book so far.

12 thoughts on “11/17/09

  1. So nice to read more good news. It’s funny, I always refer to it as a “button-down” shirt not a “button-up” shirt. I guess it all depends on perspective 🙂 You’re in our prayers constantly,


  2. Yeah, I actually button down myself, so I’m not sure why I used that terminology. It is way easier to start from the top.

  3. Hope Jen can do Kangaroo today – sounds like Juliana is doing great! I still can’t imagine holding such a tiny tiny baby! How very precious!

    Another book I really liked was the Baby Whisper – has similar ideas as Happiest Baby on the Block but also provides more details on routines. I actually prefered the Baby Whisper and her other book “Baby Whisper Answers All Your Questions”.

  4. Good for you, Juliana! You are such a trooper! Nana and Papa miss you so much! Glad to hear about all the fun you and Jen are having taking turns holding Juliana. Enjoy your special time with your sweet daughter. Miss and love you all so much!

  5. So glad that Juliana is doing well and that you both have been able to hold her. What an increcible experience it must be, to look into her tiny face and realize what a miracle baby she is. I can’t wait to see her:)
    Continually praying for all of you.

  6. What a good girl! I really missed you guys today. No other sypmtoms so I’m sure I’ll be able to come tomorrow. Although, the nasty lotion that lady at Bath and Body Works forced on me this evening is making me feel ill… hummm. 🙂 Love you lots. See you tomorrow! Soph says “meow” she’s sitting in my lap.

  7. More wonderful news. I just love reading these reports. Thank you so much! We’re continuing our prayers for your little family.


  8. Hmmm. Maybe in this case button-up doesn’t refer to the direction of fastening the buttons, but the fact that it is a shirt you button-up as opposed to tie-up, like a hospital gown. We’re thankful for any kind of Kangaroo shirt, as long as it fastens. (Perhaps we have moved on to these profound discussions now that a little life is not hanging by a thread.)

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