Jen and I arrived at the NICU this afternoon to a nice surprise: Juliana on the conventional ventilator! It is much quieter in the room and she seems to be tolerating it okay this afternoon. Her respiration rate is set at 55 with 62% oxygen currently. They have taken a number of blood-gas readings to check her carbon dioxide. It has been trending back up slowly, so it is possible that they will put her back on the oscillator. A conventional ventilator is not as efficient in clearing out carbon dioxide. It is not uncommon for babies to go back and forth with the different types of ventilation. For now, we were able to get a couple of really clear pictures without all of the oscillator tubes in the way. I will see about posting an updated picture soon. Her blood pressure came down when they switched her over, so she is back on dopamine, currently set at 8, but they hope to be able to wean that soon. We’re looking forward to spending the evening with her.

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