Juliana is doing well today. When I spoke with her nurse Rachel over the phone, she had good news for us. First, she was able to be turned in her bed and weighed, which she tolerated pretty well. She is 780 grams today, which is about 1 lb. 11.5 oz. Turning a baby on an oscillator is a difficult task because the oscillator tube is not very flexible and requires a horizontal alignment. It involves turning the baby a complete 180 degrees and then turning her head from one side to the other and reattaching. During the turning time, she is off the machine for about 20-30 seconds, so her saturation level will go down a little bit during the procedure. Her oscillator settings have been turned down as she continues to do well. Her mean pressure has been dropped from 12.5 to 12, the oscillation level from 30 to 28, and the hertz from 16 to 15.

The real exciting news is that she is going to be fed today! They want to get her stomach working and so they are giving her 0.8 ml of breast milk over a 3 hour period to see how she does. She also gets a tiny glycerin suppository to make sure her bowels are moving well. 0.8 ml is a tiny amount, not even a full insulin syringe for comparison, but if she does well with it, they may consider continuous feeding soon.

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  1. Yeah Juliana! So glad to hear the remarkable progress. I am continuing to pray for you and your mommy and daddy. 🙂

  2. Great news regarding Juliana! We continue to keep her in our prayers. All our love,

    Todd, Lynette, Wyatt, Logan, & Sierra

  3. That is so exciting!! 😀 I hope all goes well with the feeding so they can start giving her more!

  4. so exciting about the feeding!!!!!!!!! I loved that milestone…it makes me feel like she will be satisfied in a small way…yay:)

  5. How wonderfully encouraging! Just think: Someday you will be able to tell Juliana all about her isolette and the NICU and the hundreds of people watching for progress reports day-to-day and she’ll probably just shrug it off like kids do, and not have any sense of what you went through – until she has kids of her own!

  6. This is a wonderful report and we’re rejoicing with you. We continue to pray for your family. God is working a wondrous miracle right before your eyes. Blessings

  7. Way to go Juliana! You are such a trooper! Such exciting news! I would love to be watching over you and witness all these wonderful milestones. I’m glad that Jesus is there for you always! Be strong and courageous, for I know that you are. Love and miss you ~ Nana

    How wonderful to hear this news. The two of you must be encouraged and thrilled. Give Juliana my love and thank you for keeping all of us in the loop! Hugs ~ mom

  8. Thank you for sharing the good news! We are happy for you and for Juliana. We will keep praying for continued progress and good health.

    Ophelia and Danny

  9. Yeah for Juliana and for both parents!!! We are praying at the Review and Herald and will continue to do so. May you feel God’s comfort in some special way every day.

    Iris Shull

  10. This is wonderful news. Our prayer group on Wednesday nights is still praying for her as are we. We look forward to your news bulletins every day.

  11. That is amazing. God is so good! I am so glad that she is doing well and can get some food, however small it may seem. She is gaining weight also, so that is good!

    You are still in our prayers and I think of your family every day

    Katie Torchia

  12. Your post gave me tears of joy for your little Juliana. I think and pray for your family often.

  13. Master Chorale in Collegedale prayed for Juliana last night, just as we do each Wednesday night. We’re so happy about the great report. God has a special plan for this little one; wouldn’t it be exciting to know what it is! If only we could see the angels’ excited faces as they bend over that isolette. And I’m sure Jesus is keeping careful track of her progress.

  14. Wow! She’s getting bigger! Awesome! So exciting to hear she’s doing so well. She’s such a little trooper! She finally gets some of her mommy’s milk; now she will really grow!

    Congratulations Jen Jason and Juliana!

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