Juliana has been having a good day today. The main goal of the team today is to slowly wean her on her settings on the oscillator. As I write this, her oxygen has been turned down to 55% and she is tolerating it well. Her blood pressure is steady as well as her blood-gas and CBC. She may need some blood later.

Tonight, we will be heading home overnight to take care of some things at home. The call of duty never ends.

16 thoughts on “11/10/09

  1. Jason, thank you so much for the informative updates. I’m sure many of your “readers” are curious about how much Juliana weighs now. We keep praying for her and are delighted with each day of progress!

  2. I was so sad to hear about Zoe, my heart hurts for you. But it is reassuring to hear how well Juliana doing! I will keep praying for you all.

  3. Dear Jen and Jason:
    You’ve been through sooo much. May God’s grace sustain you and his powerful hand be on Juliana.
    I’ve been following your situation from Medellin, Colombia, where I am teaching 25 pastors about mission.
    My love to you,

  4. Everywhere I go, every hour of the day or night, I carry a mental snapshot of a tiny little person in a pink knit cap, lying in a big machine, listening to a recording of her mommy’s voice reading to her. Oh yes, and there are several magnificently beautiful angels standing quietly, forming a complete circle around the big machine, watching, relaying all those numbers on all those screens to the celestial realms in real time (or actually, a little in advance of real time!)

    Juliana, Grandpa loves you and thinks about you constantly.

  5. It looks like this sweet girl has had a great couple days!!! you are so right…boring is the way to go:) I had to laugh out loud with tears in my eyes as I read the “what the nurses can do for your babe” burb a couple days ago…so true and it can be so heartbreaking to watch. I’m excited for her to start feeding!!! That’s a big milestone! She’s becoming a big girl:) We will continue to add our prayers to the blanket that surrounds you…I hope the NICU call-up-dates continue to be boring and/or positive:)

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