Juliana received some blood with packed red blood cells and some platelets overnight. They were able to remove her umbilical lines today and are using her PICC line. She has good urine output and is holding steady with her blood pressure and oxygenation. They have been able to wean her off of the dopamine and turn down the oxygen in the oscillator. She is wiggling around which will be good for the puffiness in her flesh. All in all, a good report. We will be headed down to see her shortly and then coming back up to visit with family. Everyone will be leaving tomorrow morning so we will head down to Baltimore tomorrow to stay for a few days.

9 thoughts on “11/7/09

  1. Glad to hear continually progress with Juliana! Still praying and hope she can soon not be considered crictical condition. Love you guys! Continue to be strong!

  2. Dear Mrs Payne,

    Three Precious Hearts

    Three precious hearts in the hands of God
    Two were given to us to love for a while
    Through them we saw past earth’s fading façade
    And our heart yearns more for heaven and home.

    God’s own heart has felt your pain
    He watched His precious Son struggle and die
    Yet while watching the life of His child drain
    He knew through Him, yours would live again.

    Do you not know, when you slipped through the door
    That the angels took turns holding your precious gifts
    And when at last they breathed no more
    God held you tight, through His falling tears

    Jehovah Jireh, the Lord will provide
    In the strength of His arms we’ll cleave
    Master of the universe, our substitute supplied
    Great giver, will He not supply our needs?

    Through three precious hearts heaven and earth meet
    For He waited long to hold them in His arms
    And though they now weep, the angels fall at His feet
    Crying Holy, Holy, Holy. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

    Khelsea Vesper Bauer
    Nov 2009

  3. Jason & Jen,

    We’re still praying for you and your family.

    E.G. White talks about parents being reunited with their children in the new earth. I will find this passage again and note it to you, soon. I believe it’s in the conflict of the ages series.

    Love & Prayers,
    Michael & Kristine Herr

  4. The passage referred to in my last note is found in PK 239

    “So was the faith of this woman rewarded. Christ, the great Life-giver, restored her son to her. In like manner will His faithful ones be rewarded, when, at His coming, death loses its sting and the grave is robbed of the victory it has claimed. Then will He restore to His servants the children that have been taken from them by death.”


  5. A wonderful, inspired poem, Khelsea. I am touched. It will be kept and remembered for many years. A grieving grandpa thanks you.

  6. I just wanted to let you guys know I’m thinking about you. I’m glad to hear Juliana is doing better. Hugs all around!

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