Zoe critical

We were awoken again at 5AM this morning. Zoe has a perforated bowel and bowel contents are coming out of her drain. There is nothing surgically that can be done for her until she is physically stable. There is some probability that she also has necrotizing enterocolitis. Again, nothing can be done until she achieves some sort of stability. She was very acidic this morning, but her PH has been normalized by medicine and a change to her oscillator settings. That is step one of I don’t know how many steps. She is on strong antibiotics to fight any infection that may come from her perforation. We are taking things hour by hour now.

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  1. Thanks so much for the updates Jason. We continue to keep you and Jen and the babies in our prayers. Praying that God will give you all the strength you need and to feel His love surround you.

  2. Oh, God, please save Zoe. Please hold her in your healing hands and perform a miracle. She is precious to you and to us and if it can be your will, we ask that she be allowed to live and grow up to serve you.

    Jen and Jason, have you considered having Zoe annointed? If you decide to do that, please let us know the time so we can all pray at the same time and beg God to heal her. We love you and are uplifing this sweet litte baby in prayer.

  3. My heart goes out to you guys. I am shedding some tears while reading this. I am pleading with God to heal Zoe and praying that He will give you courage and strength. We love you.


  4. Jen and Jason,

    I’m continuing to add my prayers to the many, many others that are ascending for Zoe, and all of you. You are never far from my thoughts. Love to each one of you.


  5. Sometimes things just seem to go all wrong but remember we serve a Mighty God who sees all and walks with you daily. You are in my prayers and continue to lift the girls up asking God to show His miracle through your daughters. He has a purpose for them.


  6. Prayers for Zoe are being said right now and our family will continue to pray for your family. Thanks Jason so much for the updates!

  7. Jason and Jen –

    Everyone here prays for the both of you and the girls on a continual basis. We check for updates many times a day and pray for each developing situation. We are having a faculty meeting this afternoon at 3:00 and will be spending special time in prayer for you all, and especially for Zoe’s latest hurdle. Jen – your students love you dearly and are all sending up their prayers! I know that the NICU must be a very, very special place that the angels gather and pray. I hope that as you continue through this trial you will feel both the gentle comfort and mighty strength of God’s arms around you.


  8. Our family has been praying for you like so many others and especially today and right now with this latest hurdle for Zoe. We hope that you can feel the love that is coming from all us.

    We serve a mighty God and we pray for healing and continued improvement for your sweet babies and strength and comfort for both of you.

    Doug, Lori and Megan

  9. Hey Mrs.Payne,
    You’ve been in my prayers and the class’s prayers ever since you’ve left! You’re greatly missed and we are praying continually for Zoe and Juliana..spelling? Just remember that God has a plan no matter what happens. MISS YOU! and praying for you!
    love always.

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