11/04/09 Zoe’s scary morning

The phone rang at 4:30 this morning, never a good sign. The doctor at the other end had very bad news. Overnight, Zoe’s belly had become discolored and distended in a matter of hours, increasing in size by about 3 cm. They took an x-ray, but her x-rays since her 2nd day have all been opaque. Her clinical signs were worsening and they had two probable scenarios in mind. The first scenario is that she had a bowel perforation and liquid was spilling out into her abdominal cavity. The second scenario is that she had necrosis in part of her bowel causing her gut to die. It was also possible that it was a combination of the two. Necrosis is fatal and would take her in a matter of hours.

Because of her extremely critical state, abdominal surgery was not an option. The only thing they could do was to put a small drain in the side of her abdomen and hope that something came out. Green and brown smelly liquid would indicate a bowel perforation. If there was no drainage at all, it was likely necrosis. Jen and I consented to the drain surgery and quickly got on the road back to Baltimore from our home in Hagerstown. It would take us over an hour to get there. Halfway there, we got a call from a doctor on the surgical team. The drain was successfully in place, and instead of draining bowel-like fluid, a clear yellowish liquid came out, similar to the liquid that all of us have between our intestines that allow them to stay in place. Her abdomen went down in size considerably and her stats all came up as the pressure on her lungs and body was relieved. They don’t believe that she has a bowel perforation and the likelihood of necrosis in her bowel is much less, though not completely ruled out without being able to see into her abdomen. For now, we can live with that and continue to take things day by day.

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  1. J&J-
    So scary! I’m glad they were able to resolve it quickly, and that if it is NEC, that they’re on top of it. Another turn on the NICU coaster. Praying, praying, praying.

  2. You’re family has been through so much. We are praying for continued strength and healing for your whole family. God holds Zoe and Juliana in his mighty hands. May he give you both His perfect peace.

  3. soooo glad the drain was productive…a positive…back to the rollarcoaster…hope your lungs clear up soon:)

  4. What a scary turn! You and those sweet babies are constantly being upheld in prayer by so many!

  5. Hi Payne Family–Whew! I feel exhausted just reading your posts. Ya’ll have been through so much! Hang in there. So happy to hear that Byrdie & Baby Zach are in town and keeping you company. For those of us who can’t be there, it’s comforting to know you’re being supported by the people around you. Continuing to lift your little family in prayer. Ms. Jennifer, make sure you take care of yourself too! XOXO

  6. Hi Guys!
    The Lord is truly sustaining you. I can’t imagine how hard this must be. We have been praying and praying for you and your girls. Mandy has been keeping up to date as well and praying for you.
    We love you guys!

  7. Dear Jason and Jen,
    This brought tears to my eyes! I remember getting scary calls and it really is the worst feeling in the world. God is sustaining you, but that doesn’t make it all better. I’m glad she is hanging in there and got some improvement from the drain. You and your girls continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Monica and Jeff Peeke

  8. Dear Jen and Jason,
    Both of you have been through a roller-coaster and a wringer, but be strong and have faith. God is with you through all these trials. He will never leave you nor forsake you. We will continue to pray for you and your girls.
    Ophelia and Danny

  9. So glad to hear they are getting stronger! Your family is always in our thoughts and prayers. So glad to hear Alita and Zach are visiting!

  10. We are praying! I told my parents about the girls as well and they’ve been asking the churches in NNEC to pray as well. Where one or more are gathered…

  11. Hey there. Just read the updates. What a roller coaster!! We’re still praying and what a wonderful turn that it wasn’t necrotic or brown! I bet you guys are exhausted in everyway and a driving on sheer will. Hang there for I believe the Hands of God are holding you and your girls right now. With much, MUCH love, Dina

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