Jen and I got home about 3PM after visiting with the girls at the NICU. Zoe had some fluid buildup in her tissues, but she is “peeing it off” today. They tried several times to get an arterial line in, but were unsuccessful today. They will try again tonight or tomorrow. Her blood-gas is good and so is her blood pressure. Juliana had a chest x-ray which showed excess moisture in the lungs. She is receiving a diuretic to hopefully push some of the fluid out of her body and out of her lungs. Her blood-gas is borderline, so there is a chance the doctors may put her on the oscillator just to help her exhale the excess carbon dioxide in her lungs. PICC lines have not yet been inserted in either baby, but should happen soon. The expiration date on their umbilical lines is almost up. After 8-10 days, the risk of infections goes up considerably. Mom is resting on the couch and visiting with her best friend Alita and Alita’s son Zach.

Update: Zoe is stable. Juliana was moved off of the ventilator and on to the oscillator. She was having a little trouble expelling her carbon dioxide, so this should help tremendously with that. They will be adjusting her settings throughout the night to make her comfortable and stable.

7 thoughts on “11/03

  1. Jen and Jason,

    I just got on your blog and have read the amazing story of your daughters. If they have this much fight in them already, I cannot imagine what they will be like as teenagers:). Juliana and Zoe are such strong and beautiful girls!

    I wish for them both continued strength and speedy healing – you are all in my heart and my thoughts and my prayers.


  2. Dearest friends,

    Thank you so much for posting updates on the well-being of your beautiful family. I think about and pray for each one of you throughout the day and am always grateful for any information you are gracious enough to share. This is cutting down on the amount of times I call Ted or Evan during the day 🙂 Those girls are very much loved and you are so precious to us.

    Please email or text if you want a latte and/or herbal tea delivery. Happy to oblige anytime.

    Much love.

  3. Sounds like a great update!

    Jen – PLEASE make sure you are resting!!

    Prayers will continue.

  4. I’m so thankful the girls are doing OK. I pray for them often during the day–and you, too, Jen and Jason. May God cradle the babies is His strong hands today and keep their lungs working well. May He bless the doctors and nurses as they try to get the lines into the babies. Love you!

  5. thanks for the updates, Jason! I check regularly to see how everyone is doing. Glad Alita was able to come and visit and that Jen is doing better. Also, glad to hear the progress on the girls and pray that things continue to go well.

    Can’t wait to meet them!

  6. Jason and Jen,

    Woke up this morning with your babies on my mind. Send up an EXTRA batch of prayers today!

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