After a late night at the hospital, Jen was discharged with some antibiotics. Hopefully, this will get under control whatever is causing her fevers.

Juliana had her respirator air pressure raised slightly, she has no extra drugs to control her settings, has good blood-gas, and is doing okay.

Zoe had a good morning until about 9:45 when she began fighting the oscillator. The nurses were amazed at how much she was struggling. Her oxygen saturation would drop down into the 70’s, so they finally gave her a slight paralytic drug so that she could relax and let the machine do its work. Within a minute, her oxygen saturation shot back up into the 90’s. She is such a fighter! Her blood pressure and blood sugar are good and she doesn’t need medication to control them. They will be taking a blood-gas and CBC shortly to check her stats.

2 thoughts on “11/1/09

  1. Dear Jennifer and Jason,

    You have been in our thoughts and prayers. Your daughters are so precious!! A special a gift from God! As a mother of twins– I feel a special “multiple” bond with you. Lifting you both and dear little ones, Juliana and Zoe, in prayer. We serve a Mighty God!

    With Love,


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