We called into the NICU this morning and got an update. Zoe’s oscillator settings are slowly being weaned. Her blood gas is good. She is getting another blood transfusion and more platelets. I asked the nurse last night for a count, and she figures Zoe has received 18 transfusions so far of blood and platelets. I’m sure it is a higher count now. Juliana continues to be stable. They think her ductus is almost closed which is good news. They upped her oxygen to between 24-27% but she is doing well. I feel when I look at her that she is incrementally bigger. Maybe just my imagination.

Last night, Jen didn’t feel too well and it turns out she had a fever. They took her upstairs and drew some blood, examined her, and then told us to watch over her. She won’t be able to go back into the NICU until she has 24 hours of normal temperature. They don’t think it is H1N1 or anything like that. We have a dear friend who is letting us stay in his condo by the harbor, so we are trying to rest while we can. Thank you for the continued comments and encouragement.

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  1. Hope Jen’s fever goes away quickly so she can continue spending time with her girls. Glad to hear the updates and continue to pray for everyone. I just got up from a nap and the song He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands was in my head. This was the verse…”He’s got the little bitty babies, in His hands…” What comfort to know that He does have the whole World in His hands. Hope you are having a restful Sabbath!

  2. Dearest Payne Clan,

    We are so thankful for all of your updates. It makes such a difference being able to pray specifically, though God knows it all and is already holding your little girls in His hands. You and the precious girls are in our constant prayers. Even little Joey prays for your daughters by name several times a day… “Dear Jesus, bess Juiana and bess Zoe. Bess my food. Amen” This from the girl who only ever prays for her food, even at bed time. Genna has been singing “Draw Me Close to You” all week for your family. We are so grateful that there are people there who are taking care of you while we have to be so far away.

    Jen, please be patient with your body. It has been through so much in the last weeks. I know it is so hard to be separate from your girls but you will be with them soon. In the mean time let your body recover for the road ahead.

    We love you guys and are so thankful that you have a good place to stay and people to help you on this journey.

    With our constant prayers for His blessings and His peace that surpasses all understanding,
    Marga et. al.

  3. I didn’t realize you guys were at UMMS. I worked in that NICU after Jordan was born. (Peds, PICU, and Peds ER before that). You’re in a good place!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that our church uplifted your family in prayer today. Wanted you to know many people are praying for the well being of Zoe and Juliana and strength for both of you. Happy Sabbath.

  5. The church family at Bowman Hills prayed for you and the babies today. And I understand they prayed for you at the Collegedale church (Southern alumni homecoming). So many people have placed your little ones before the Lord in prayer. And we’ll continue to do so.

  6. Heaven has been absolutely flooded with prayers for your family! We prayed for you last Sabbath evening at our Williamsport Church barn party; you are on our church prayer list as well. Mr. Grant prayed for you in his opening prayer for Writer’s Conference last Sunday evening and our HVA Writer’s Conference group paused several times to pray for all of you as we would get phone updates. I am praying for you constantly. I go to bed praying, wake up praying, and pray all throught the day. You have hundreds, probably thousands, of people all over the country and even the world praying for your family. Know that you are in good hands and oh so very loved!

  7. Jason and Jen, we continue to lift your family in prayer. We pray for healing for the girls, wisdom for your medical team, and peace for you. Jen, rest and get strong for your girls. They need you to be well.

  8. I am so happy that you have a place close by to stay. What a blessing! Prayers for Jen, too.

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