Today’s update from the NICU:

Juliana had another echo to check on her ductus. It did not close during the first round of medication, so they will probably do another round. She has received no new blood, is off dopamine, is breathing room air with no additional oxygen. Yesterday, Jen used a digital voice recorder to record One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and several Bible passages. The night nurse played the recording for the girls.

Zoe had some of her osillator settings lowered and her oxygen increased to about 94%. The advantage of an oscillator as opposed to the respirator is that it is very gentle on the lungs and can achieve much greater oxygenation. She had good blood gas and is peeing well. One concern is that a little of her stomach contents came up her tube in the night. They are doing a belly x-ray because there is some concern the bowels are not moving well and they want to check if it is anything more serious. Her abdomen is soft and normal-sized so that is a good sign that it is not anything major.

12 thoughts on “10/30/09

  1. So glad to hear that things are continuing to look up. I had a conversation with my aunt, who gave birth to my twin cousins about 32 years ago, they were 10 weeks early. She is praying for you guys and said to keep looking up.

    Katie Torchia

  2. You two are such great parents already! I’m sure Juliana is loving the sound of Mommy’s voice. You are in our constant prayers.

  3. That’s really sweet that Jen was able to record things for the girls to listen to. Still praying for you all.

  4. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date. My language development class is praying for you. Your girls are such strong little fighters!

    I send you guys hugs and prayers

  5. We await your updates eagerly each day… thank you Jason for sharing. Praise the Lord for encouraging news! I love that Jen is getting to do mommy activities 🙂 Diapers and reading to your girls… so sweet. Sending hugs and prayers your way again today. Know that you are loved and thought about constantly.

  6. This sounds like really positive progress. I am happy to hear this, and keep hoping for only good things to come from the next days and weeks for you guys. You guys deserve the best, and these little girls are going to be just that for you. Can’t wait to meet them someday!

  7. Jason and Jen,
    Just want you both to know that you and your girls are constantly on my mind and in my prayers…..glad to hear about the positive progress.

  8. Mommy and daddy Payne – My heart is with you and your lovely girls. I love that Jen recorded her voice for the girls. That is keeping them as strong as what the doc’s are doing 🙂

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