Philly, Part 2

The conference rolled on today and went really well. We gave out a bunch of UltraCamp t-shirts last night and most of our clients wore them today as walking advertisements. It was very cool, and we got a lot of attention from it. These shows are very tiring, and by the end my feet were aching. Our display was a snap to take down and we were back in the hotel at no time. Our display was really cool. Imagine a curved 8-foot high by 12-foot wall with a giant superhero kid towering over the left side. It was imposing. Once we got back to the hotel, it was time to just zone out for a few hours. Eventually, hunger struck and we unsuccessfully tracked down Lee’s Hoagie House. According to Chris, they make the best hoagies in the world. Unfortunately, this particular location was closed. So we had cheap chicken teriyaki from a place in this mall we found. Oh well. Tomorrow, we shall conquer Pat’s King of Steaks. Tomorrow we get to sleep in and just chill before we head out to the AACP convention at Daniel Davis Camp near Allentown. I hear they have wireless internet there. We shall see.