One Ring to Rule Them All

Frodo MinnerLast night around 10 I received a phone call from Katie. Did she want to talk to Jen? No, she wanted Jen to get on the other line. I immediately knew what was going on. You see, many years ago, nine years ago actually, I made a very similar proposal on the 4th of July. What was yesterday? Election Day. I think the implication is clear: Minner women have a weakness for American holidays.

As you can see from this picture taken last night, Katie doesn’t realize that there are no Starbucks on Mount Doom.

Congratulations Katie and Justin!

12 thoughts on “One Ring to Rule Them All

  1. Actually, I think that it’s more men-proposing-to-Minner-women who must have a thing for American holidays. 🙂 Yes, the picture is hilarious!!!

  2. No, the American holidays are when you are at your weakest. It’s like the full moon for the werewolf. You lose all sense and suddenly you are chewing on my elbow. Also, that picture was taken by a secret “spy-cam” that Justin used on the walk. He was kind enough to let me use the picture for this announcement. Unfortunately, with the release of the picture, the “spy-cam” security has been breached and the “spy-cam” had to be destroyed leaving no evidence of his clever subterfuge. Really, this guy knows all the angles.

  3. Hmmm. I think we need to discuss this chewing on the elbow thing. Katie actually does this to me, and I’ve always wondered why!!!

    Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose the locations of the other secret “spy-cams” (or are they “yps-cams”?) at this time. I’m really impressed with the quality of the picture. I knew using the night-vision attachment might impact her skin tone a bit, but this came out much better than I anticipated.

  4. That’s odd. I posted after you did, Jason, but my post shows up before yours! Maybe your CPU time is off on your computer?

  5. So, does this mean that these proposals were the work of a full-moon-type craziness? Not premeditated and deliberate? Because if so, we need to discuss some things…

  6. I noticed that the times were an hour off. Apparently, the blog does not automatically update for daylight savings time. So, after I posted, I corrected the time. That accounts for the weirdness.

    And yes, the proposals were premeditated and deliberate. The full-moon-type craziness affected your decision-making, not mine! I guess you need to have that discussion with your inner monologue!

  7. yes the picture is perfect!
    As for the “yps” — that is not cool or necessary, no one else should fall victim to such an evil game.

    Does this mean that in the future I should always await American holiday’s with bated breath? Will my prince charming come and sweep me off my feet on Arbor Day? Flag Day? Columbus Day?… so many holidays to get excited about now.

  8. I predict Prince Charming will come and sweep you off your feet on April 15. And by “Prince Charming”, I mean “An IRS Agent”, and by “sweep you off your feet”, I mean “charge you with tax evasion”. Man, I wonder if I could find some future “spy-cam” that has captured that moment and sent it into the past? Hmmmm…

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