The Legend

For Christmas Dinner, Evan and Jason put together an amazing gourmet menu of delectable dishes, and then we all created different portions of the meal.



Course One:
Butternut squash soup with cilantro garnish by Ted
Arugula, Red and green leaf lettuce salad with walnuts, fresh raspberries, feta cheese, fuji apples, and pomegranates, complete with blueberry pomegranate dressing by Jen (with help from Jenny and Alban)
Celadon Idol (drink): lime, pineapple juice, ginger beer, and Pellegrino flavored with cucumber and mint by Jen


Course Two (a):
Four cheese (special cheese) lasagne by Evan and Jenny
Asparagus with leek, salt, pepper, and olive oil dressing by Evan and Jason
Fresh, roasted carrots by Evan and Jason
New Potatoes (idea by Jenny) created by Ted


Course Two (b): Same as above with one major difference: Fresh poached salmon with an herb and caper vinaigrette by Evan and Jason


Course Three: Hot fudge chocolate cake with raspberry drizzle by Beth
Ginger ice cream with mint garnish by Alban


Course Four: Cheese platter

Grapes, crackers, and breads complete with several different kinds of cheeses for reflection and discussion.
English Stilton
Apricot Stilton
Cranberry Stilton
Irish Cheddar


Thanks to everyone, but especially to Evan and Jason for their inspiration, for the most delicious meal of the entire year!


4 thoughts on “The Legend

  1. Was that a Christmas cracker on your plate? We used to get those for Christmastime when we lived in England. I didn’t even know that you could buy them in the U.S.! What did you put inside them?

  2. Hey Jennifer! Welcome to our blog! Do you mean the little present-like thingie? Yeah, you pop it open and find all sorts of treasures like paper crowns, noisemakers, and little jokes. Beth bought them somewhere. I’ll ask her for you.

    And to Ted: Thanks for hosting many happy memories.

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