I really enjoy Achewood.

Recently, I ordered the 5-volume set of cartoons so I could enjoy the comic offline and share its wonder with people who don’t spend their time reading stuff on the web. The comic is one of those things in life that takes a while to get, but once you do, it’s a wonderful world of really vivid characters.

If you’re going to start reading, I would suggest selecting Ray’s Startup #1 as a story arc to begin understanding the characters. One of my favorite characters is Phillipe. He is a 5-year old otter that represents innocence and naivety in their world. Here’s a great Phillipe strip and an animated version of a later encounter:

Achewood 12/5/2002    2 years later...
(Click for big image)
I’m getting Jen to read them now and tonight she laughed out loud. I think she’s starting to get it. Quagmire

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