In memoriam: Summer 2008

It was only with us for a short time. Too short. It was lazy, yet productive. Hot, yet cool. Stormy, yet sun-filled. Here are some key moments from this fleeting summer.


Key (left to right):
1. Dupont Circle with Evan and Jenny, about to enjoy some amazing Lebanese food and then some ice cream and BlackAdder
2. Driving through Cunningham Falls on a gorgeous summer day. Isn’t western Maryland beautiful?
3. Ocean City in the heat of the day
4. Our new dishes, courtesy of Daddy and Laurie, via IKEA
5. Jen driving the convertible
6. DC United v. Houston Dynamo match
7. Jason, Ansley, Tiffany, et al enjoying homemade Howe ice cream and cobbler
8. Jen at Ocean City beach
9. Jen and soccer buddies enjoying DC United

4 thoughts on “In memoriam: Summer 2008

  1. Um, looks as though you should still be taking applications for more soccer buddies. I soccer in the U.S. still a concept whose times has not come?

  2. Perhaps the second sentence of my post was removed from the oven before its time had come as well.

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