First Day Report

So, the first day of school went well. Here’s an update:

1. 120 friendly and cooperative kids = SO much more manageable than 145 (with the same number of adults!)
2. Free Chipotle is a great first-day-of-school present
3. Teaching only one class per day because of orientation is super relaxing
4. Faculty-student softball games are only fun if they’re competitive. Nobody likes a blowout (especially when it’s the adults beating the students)
5. Nobody wants to be in school in August
6. Changes to the uniform are always a big hit
7. The school will never again this year look as clean as it did at 7:25 this morning, five minutes before the doors opened
8. Walking to school on a gorgeous morning as the sun rises over the mountain and the birds are chirping is a great way to start the day
9. Taking care of an order for new Microsoft Office 2007 textbooks for a class of 32: $2500
10. Starting work again after a relaxing summer and knowing that I love my job and am following my calling: priceless

3 thoughts on “First Day Report

  1. ooooo. how poetic! so mastercard of you, dahling. Yay for school and walks in the morning! If only I could get up early enough…

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