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This is for all my angry peeps out there who are demanding more blog feed. Just so you know, I am very busy and very important. A brief excuse: I haven’t had much regular access to our home computer lately (now that Jason works there), so I haven’t put up any pictures. This is a list of what I’ve been up to lately (and NO, I haven’t JUST been lounging on the couch and shopping, haha):

–working diligently to get my classroom ready: putting up bulletin boards, vacuuming, organizing files, etc.
–cleaning the library and teachers’ workroom, which are apparently my responsibility, even when other groups use them all summer and the lights fall down from the ceiling, leaving broken glass everywhere
–creating lesson plans and making syllabi, including for a brand-new course
–attending lengthy meetings designed to make our school year flow more smoothly
–cackling with Jesse and Stephen during interims
–becoming CPR certified
–school supply shopping for the classroom: markers, pens, pencils, construction paper, etc. (don’t you just LOVE school supplies? I sure do)
–going through my closet to weed out all of my size 4 clothing
–clothes shopping for my size 2 (and, randomly size 0) weirdness
–playing frisbee
–playing soccer and taking kids with dislocated arm/shoulder to the emergency room until all hours of the night (okay, just one kid)
–hosting mucho family members on various trips to this region
–attending my first professional soccer match (DC United vs. Houston Dynamo), in the rain, with crazy fans
–going on a picnic with the Herrs and the Ellises (Seth and Angela, new to the ‘hood)
–holding a lot of Savannah Michelle
–getting free massages from Tarah, who is practicing for her massage therapy classes
–reading Alexander McCall Smith’s Ladies Detective Agency books
–reading E. Nesbit (a must for any lovers of C.S. Lewis or Frances Hodgson Burnett–as in The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, etc.)
–reading Evelyn Waugh
–watching Friends episodes on the couch
–watching some awesome Olympic swimming and gymnastics (and staying up too late whilst doing so); by the way, did you SEE the most AMAZING relay race ever?
–going to the beach and enjoying the warmth of the sun on my eternally pale flesh
–eating as much watermelon and as many peaches as my stomach can possibly hold without bursting

So, perhaps a narrative of my soccer experience? A book review of a summer book? What would satisfy you hungry wolves?

P.S. I am grateful for your diligent reading and attention to our blog. I hope to have more regular updates for you once things get back on a regular schedule of some sort.

5 thoughts on “A new post . . .

  1. Angry peeps? Nay, more sorrow than anger when we eagerly go to our accustomed place of refreshment, only to discover that you have been far too busy with the demanding mistress (HVA), the newfound toy (Savannah Michelle), the siren song of British literature, the convenient escape of sport, to acknowledge your devoted readers.

    As for the XXIX Olympiad, I’ve seen enough to notice that the Belgian volleyball players are, um, a tad heavier than the lovely American volleyball players, and that the gymnastics judges can’t figure out how to discreetly conceal their preference for Chinese girls over American girls, so what the heck, just go ahead and brazenly inflate their scores. Back in the day (these days, everything seems to hark back to the Cold War!) you could depend on the East German judges to screw the Americans over at every turn. Now that there is no longer any such thing as an East German judge the bias vacuum has been filled by others.

  2. Umm… so you have had quite the summer. Yes I saw the best relay race of all-time. Too bad Katie is out of touch with the world.
    Also, I’m with Sandra what exactly are you doing trying to waste away? Size 0? I was a size 0 at 19… what is your secret?

  3. Size 2… size 0… ai-ai-ai. I am just dreaming about being in the single digits again. I totally understand why Angelina got the mommy-tuck after her twins! Bring it on, baby… except I’m a chicken and it costs too much. LOL

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