Summer Top 10

These are a few of my favorite things about summer and about being a teacher in the summer! I highly recommend it!

1. Traveling around the world
2. Going to the beach
3. Sleeping in
4. Eating only locally grown, fresh produce from our local fruit stand
5. Mint iced tea
6. Reading books all day
7. Swinging in the hammock
8. The great western Maryland outdoors: hiking, canoeing, swimming in lakes
9. Ice cream: homemade, store-bought, roadside vendor
10. Lightning bugs in the evenings

4 thoughts on “Summer Top 10

  1. I’m certain you meant #6 to be “Reading books and BozBuls all day.”

  2. No kidding, Katie! Man! If these were cookies we’d have to throw them out by now! I was just up there, and you should behold the lovely Redhead luxuriating in her summer doldrums, lounging on the couch, fantasizing about shopping, shopping, departing from the mall with armloads of merchandise, lounging on the couch, watching a movie with her dad, lounging on the couch, eating some watermelon, lounging on the couch, etc.

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