Climbing Diamond Hill

We drove through some beautiful countryside today. We stopped at the Kylemore Abbey for some pictures, and saw some beautiful mountains (called “Bens” as in Benbrack instead of Mt. Brack, etc.). In Connemara National Park there are many of these bare, high mountains. So, we climbed one. It was amazing. Jason’s watch altimeter was working hard. Apparently the “hill” is 445 meters. As we were climbing, we could see people up at the ridge and summit, and we thought: “Wow! we’re going there!” It was so cool. A great hike, great exercise, amazing weather, and a yummy soup, sandwich, scone, tea at the bottom when we finished. Perfect day.

Mountain lake

Kylemore Abbey

Jen and Jason at Kylemore Abbey

The beginning of the hike: Diamond Hill is in the background

On the climb

The view from the top

The summit

Jen at the top

the coast from the top

more scenery




The view from above

the end

7 thoughts on “Climbing Diamond Hill

  1. On second thought, the picture entitled “more scenery” should be called: “Jason ponders the meaning of life.”

  2. I knew all you were really doing for vacation was Photoshopping some Irish castles and yourselves into some great scenery!

  3. What a fantastic hike. The scenery is stunning. Glad you guys are living it up. Its been fun getting up in the morning before work and checking up on the happenings in Ireland and Thailand. With that said, the prospect of bowling solo at the Dual Lanes this weekend is LAME.

  4. No kidding, Katie. The instant I saw that shot of Kylemore Abbey I thought, “Photoshop.” And as long as they were going to go to all that trouble, don’t you think they should have included some of the ghosts that no doubt haunt the abbey? I understand ghosts often “show up” in photos.

    They are obviously having way too much fun. There should be consequences.

  5. I’ve always thought Evan had special gifts, but exactly how(e) did he manage to bump my previous comment from third place to fourth at least a couple of days after I posted it?

    I don’t think Evan himself was responsible. I take it as prima facie evidence that not only was the castle NOT photoshopped into the picture, but that it is very real and very haunted. Haunted, I suspect, by Howe ancestors who, as Englishmen, were held prisoner in the castle dungeon centuries ago by rogue Irish elements. This is their way of indicating their severe displeasure with Katie and me for doubting the castle. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

  6. He wrote his comment before you did, but it required moderation so sat waiting to be approved until we had Internet. I await a bizarre otherworldly response though.

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