Pet Cemetery?

Okay, so everybody who knows anything about me knows that I love animals. I love it when animals talk in commercials or movies (even though I don’t usually ACTUALLY watch those movies, because the movies themselves are dumb . . .). I love my cat, and I love other people’s animals. I totally understand when it feels like your animal is a member of your family. But, even I was a little amazed at the pet cemetery that we visited today at Powerscourt Gardens. These very wealthy people owned this estate on the southern outskirts of Dublin and included a cemetery for their pets, mostly dogs. However, there were also some horses and ponies buried there, and the most hilarious: cows. Here are two gravestones that I thought were especially funny. Make sure you read the text.

Tommy . . . Also his wife Magic

Eugenie and Princess

2 thoughts on “Pet Cemetery?

  1. NO WAY! I love it… it doesn’t get much better than that. Also, there is one talking animal movie that is more funny less dumb. Check out ‘Good Boy’ it’s very cute.

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