Welcome to Ireland

Well, after some travel difficulty (Aer Lingus canceled our flight and put us on another one: British Airways is a fabulous way to fly!), we arrived safely in Dublin, several hours later than planned. Paul met us at the airport, and we had to unfortunately miss the Phillip Gourevitch lecture because of our later flight. But we went to a delicious place called Gruel for supper where Alita and I split a pea and lemon ricotta risotto and a strawberry salad. Delicious! We then went to the Dublin Symphony Orchestra concert that Alita was performing in. She says that they aren’t as prestigious as the name implies, but they really sounded great! Jason and I had a hard time staying awake though, since our jet lag was kicking in pretty severely.

Today Alita, Nina, and I drove south to look at Powerscourt Gardens and estate. Beautiful, Versailles-type gardens and grounds. It’s rainy off and on and quite chilly and dreary, but at times the sun pokes through, and this is what we expected; we’re in Ireland after all!

Paul and Alita live in a lovely, cozy home with a beautiful back yard/garden area. We are very comfortable here, especially since they have a kitty (Phoebe) who looks like a mix between Sophie and Baby Girl. She is small and cute and very friendly. We have already spent a lot of time together.

I don’t have photo-editing software on this computer, so the Ireland posts will be kinda rough until we get back home. I hope you enjoy though!

Click on the title to see the picture . . .

Jen and Alita

Paul and Alita


Powerscourt Gardens

Cathedral where Alita performed


Paul and Alita’s dining/sunroom

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