Summer Continues

Well, the summer kicked off with some bowling (see below) and sadly some goodbye parties for seniors, Alban, and Laurie Gauthier, with more to come for Robby and Meredith. It has been kind of hard for me to transition from my whirlwind of 10 months of activity (with the last 4 or so being especially crammed with senior play, Scandinavia tour, planning for graduation, class trip, actual graduation, etc.) to quite literally having nothing to do. I have been insanely busy for months; but those of you who read this blog know me well and know that I thrive in such conditions. So, my first few days of freedom were quite difficult. You can ask Jason. I just sat and wandered listlessly around this house, wondering what to do with myself. I took walks to the school for no reason, just out of habit. I watched a movie in the middle of the day and felt weird about it. But I have to admit, the last 3 days have been much better. I have allowed myself to become straight up L-A-Z-Y. I mostly sit/recline on the couch reading books all day, except for the couple of hours during which I go to the Y and run on the treadmill (since it’s 95 degrees here with unbearable humidity and I can’t run outside). Some things I am thankful for and that have helped make my laziness a success:

–Wonder Book (at which place you can buy 13 books for the price of 2 at Borders)
–NetFlix (DVDs are delivered to your door! you can catch up on movies that you’ve never even heard of!)
–air conditioning (which we finally turned on this week for the first time of the season)
–Sophie, who jumps up on me and sleeps at all hours of the day to contribute to my feeling comfortable and helping me adjust to the hours of slothfulness
–the church laptop (which I can use to my heart’s content while Jason works feverishly on the home computer in the office)
–dark chocolate raisinettes
–odwalla’s Mango Tango

We leave on Friday for Ireland and when we return I think I’ll plan some home improvement and school planning projects to keep me busy. But these last few days have been restful for my mind and body. To the above list: Thanks guys! I couldn’t have done it without you!