Summer Begins

Here are some shots from our recent bowling escapades. I have to celebrate (not gloat) because for the first time EVER, Jennifer got a better score than Jason! You can see the proof of this on the score. Jen = O and Jason = G.







4 thoughts on “Summer Begins

  1. Evan’s expression says, “Fly Emirates–if you dare.” Alban’s says, “Fly Emirates? I don’t care.”

    I’m not sure what to make of all the finger play, which pervades the photo set like a sort of sinister theme. Flashing gang signs, maybe?

  2. Hahahah! It DOES appear as if we are in some sort of gang, flashing signs with hidden meanings. Or, perhaps some sort of strange cult where people eat only their own specially made food from soybeans and have a special sign language that only they understand, representing words like “haystacks,” “Sabbath afternoon nap,” or “EGW.” harhar

    Seriously though, when you get a strike, the computer gives you a giant X on the screen, so we were making the X sign when we would get strikes. OBVIOUSLY, I got several of those. haha The peace sign has been prevalent in American culture since the 1960s; I’m surprised you haven’t seen it before now. haha No, American teenagers especially have re-introduced the peace sign for the purpose of taking pictures. I guess we are all influenced by them now. Also, Alban has this strange new thing where he turns his head to the side, flashes the peace sign, smiles a crazy frozen smile, and gets a glazed look in his eyes whenever you go to take a picture of him, or whenever he has just succeeded at something (like getting a strike in bowling). So, these are the days of our lives . . .

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