October Digestion

Sometimes life starts whipping by. Here are a few notable events:

We learned how to square dance at the Barn Party.

I started racquetball back up, going twice a week now.

I learned how to make Penne alla Vodka with all the shopping ramifications that entails.

Jen is in New England for a school trip this home leave.

I’m no longer the only Guitar Hero in the family.

I pan-fried salmon freshly caught in a river in New York.

My laptop at work had a profile meltdown. emot-argh

I wrestled a four-year old for an hour.

There’s a story behind each of these, but I find I don’t have the time to tell them all. However, if you want more detail, leave a comment for the story you want and I’ll whip out a post in no time.

16 thoughts on “October Digestion

  1. Penne alla Vodka. Let me guess–you ran into an HVA faculty member with a bottle of Skyy in your hand?

    hahaha. Even if it isn’t true, it’s funny imagining.

  2. Maybe we should be exploring her poor choice of brands? I did extensive research on vodka quality and Skyy wasn’t even a contender. I wouldn’t worry too much about Katie’s brand knowledge. We are so inundated with advertising I would be surprised if any college graduate didn’t know any alcoholic brands.

  3. Yes, I should hope you found grey goose, belvedere, or kettle one to be a much better choice than skyy. hehe.
    I am interested in hearing more about this story but also the square dancing business. do share, do share!

  4. Excuse me, but who would COOK with Grey Goose? Puh-lease. The logical choice for a vodka to cook with wouldn’t be a contender for top 10 in quality vodka!

  5. Cook’s Illustrated disagrees with you:

    “Does vodka quality matter in our penne recipe? To find out, we conducted a taste test of sauces made with six brands of vodka, ranging in price from $6.99 to $34 per bottle. To our surprise, nine out of 10 tasters favored the sauce made with the most expensive vodka, noting a “fresher,” “cleaner” flavor. It turns out that cheap vodkas are distilled only once to remove harsh tastes, while “premium” and “super-premium” brands are filtered three or more times–and you can taste the difference, even in a tomato sauce.”

  6. Many of their articles start with:

    “In creating this dish, I cooked fifty beef roasts…”

    Yeah, they’ve got the money.

  7. you should always use the best in everything you do… or is that, do your best in everything you do? well, i’m sure it applies to liquor too. 🙂

  8. I usually prefer Armadale for my vodka “cooking” needs. By the way, Ray, we aren’t the ones with bottles of hard liquor on our bedroom dressers…

    Man, I wonder how he’s gonna explain that to all the readers.

  9. Simple. “All the readers” who find themselves intrigued by Justin’s tease are invited to rise up and clamor for an explanation. Then, yielding to the will of the masses, I will gladly expound on the bottle of hard liquor that rests on MY WIFE’s bedroom dresser (not mine, as erroneously implied) on the condition that each of the other posters to this thread reveals the history of his or her acquisition of vodka expertise.

  10. I’ve never owned a Mercury Grand Marquis, but I know what one looks like. Also, I’ve seen YOUR belongings on that very same dresser. While the dresser may belong to your wife, the contents and items thereon appear to belong to BOTH of you.

  11. OK, buddy, next time you visit our bedroom don’t bother to bring a glass. If you ever have a taste of Vrai Genepi Savio Chatillon you’ll have to buy your own.

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