9 thoughts on “The Age-Old Debate

  1. Well, let’s just examine this, shall we? This posting has been sitting here, apparently prompting shrugs from the perhaps bewildered loyal readers of this blog. Why, they may be asking themselves–why would Jason spend his valuable time musing about the number of five-year-olds he could “take” simultaneously? Does the Jason we have known for so long secretly harbor ambitions to demonstrate domination of the pre-school population? And if so, what primordial sociological pathology is at work deep inside this man’s thought centers?

    We are also prompted to wonder what planet this possibly disturbed individual has been functioning on, and why he doesn’t seem to be even tangentially aware of the practical consequences of engaging in physical combat with five-year-olds–even a large group of them. Has he never experienced the intense, unreasoning wrath of a parent who perceives that his/her precious child has been wantonly used for unworthy, even craven purposes? Does he really wish to engage TWENTY-FOUR SETS OF PARENTS INDULGING THIS INTENSE, UNREASONING WRATH?

    Jason, Jason, Jason. This calls for an eminent family intervention, at which we must ponder whether the best solution is to chain you to your computer and never again allow you access to the children of America, Maryland, Washington County, and the Mount Aetna area–or lurch in the other direction and FORBID you to go anywhere on your computer except for specifically work-related purposes.

    Clearly, there is much work to do.

  2. OK, OK. My score was 16. What does that say about my relative morality?–assuming, of course, that I am a moral relative.

  3. I was waiting for you to finally cave in and take the quiz. Jen scored an 11. To make it more morally palatable, if you don’t fight the kids, their parents will DIE!

  4. I think Ray fights dirty, which inflated his score. Here is some evidence from this past Christmas of his technique. Check out his unorthodox fighting style:

    Ray fighting dirty

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