Bus:1 Mailbox:0

I woke up this morning to a loud screeching sound followed by a crunch. Peeking through the blinds, I saw the HVA bus having its way with my mailbox. After plowing almost the whole length of the bus over it, the driver realized something was wrong and propped it back up:

Crunchy Mailbox

The agony!

The driver is coming to fix it tomorrow, but I’m afraid the paint job has suffered a bit!

10 thoughts on “Bus:1 Mailbox:0

  1. Yes, but only when it really needs to send out mail. Most of the time the flag is flopped over and it passively receives daily deliveries of mail. It’s a pretty mailbox though, painted with flowers and birdhouses, so I don’t think it minds.

  2. ROFL. too much. how, exactly, is that going to be fixed? You need a carpeter. Or better yet, one of those brick fixtures that contains a mailbox somewhere within it.

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