Bible Retreat

I always love a weekend at the Howes’ farm! We had lovely food, lovely company, and I flew a kite for the first time ever! Also, Alban and I wrote a hit song that you will soon get to sample. A lovely time!bibleretreat.jpggangsta.jpgjamiejen.jpgmountain.jpgfarm.jpg

12 thoughts on “Bible Retreat

  1. You just wrote it and its a hit already? It doesn’t seem to be playing on XM yet. How are the proceeds from this smash commercial success to be distributed? Are you fully ready for the notoriety which always attends hit songwriters? So much to ask, so little info.

    I do like the new graphics, though.

  2. Hey! That’s a really nice song! Aren’t you scared someone will steal it off of youtube and make millions?

  3. Let’s say someone “stole” the song and it became wildly popular. How is that even scary? You would get all the royalties and fame. Not too terrifying to me.

  4. I’ll get you the words pretty soon. Sorry about the bad recording. We performed last week at church and it was much better than this initial run-through–not first thing in the morning, untuned, and unrehearsed. We’re planning to create more songs, so if you like, keep coming back! 🙂 We’re the next big thing!

  5. As I write this, it’s 10:42–or 49 minutes BEFORE you posted your comment, Jennifer. Maybe Jason needs to adjust the time stamp to Eastern Standard Time.

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