Job Interviews are Serious Business

Chris: hope so

going to be a pretty technical interview

those always scare me a little

Jason: any questions you don’t understand, just say “That’s classified information”

Chris: lol

Jason: then cross your arms and stare

works every time

Chris: “how do multiple threads communicate using mutexes?” “sorry. that’s classified”


that’ll work

excellent advice

Jason: you could also use the classic “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you”

Chris: and then follow through

tell them

then kill them


Jason: If you don’t follow through and murder them, they probably won’t hire you

there is nothing inconsistent about that statement

Chris: ‘zactly

can’t show them i’m a liar

Jason: they appreciate follow-through

Chris: and if they don’t, then i don’t want to work for them

2 thoughts on “Job Interviews are Serious Business

  1. Good luck, Chris. Jason’s right–follow through is the key. If you get the job on that basis, I have a hunch Hillary Clinton’s campaign would be interested in offering you at least a parttime position as well.

  2. Is that some sort of roundabout Vince Foster jab? I guess if Chris can make the interviewer’s demise look like a suicide…

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