The New Deal

Much like Franklin D. Roosevelt, we are offering you a New Deal to end your theoretical Great Depression over not knowing what we are doing this very second. It’s a one-stop shop for all the information you want about us and then some. We will try to avoid the mundane. I will probably be mildly humourous. Jen will be detailed and keep the pictures flowing. Overall, you should gain an understanding of what we are about. So enjoy the New Deal. It won’t change your life as much as rural electrification did, but at least enjoy the show.

3 thoughts on “The New Deal

  1. Will this New Deal cost as much as the other one I’m familiar with? And is it constitutional? Lingering questions remain about FDR’s New Deal. But perhaps after seven decades we can finally allow someone else to try the concept again.

    As for being “mildly humorous,” you won’t have to try too hard to better the original New Deal. The best FDR could do was to accuse the Republicans of harassing Fala.

    I offer one caveat: even ardent admirers of the New Deal concede that after several years of “alphabet soup,” the successful end of the Depression was brought about only by the onset of the war. You guys don’t have something in mind for down the road that we should be concerned about, do you?

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