Home Leave Activities…

Pumpkin carving, Gettysburg and Antietam tours, Washington Monument State Park, and lots of fall leaves have made for a lovely visit with family during this October home leave!!tree.jpgwashmon3.jpgwashmon2.jpgwashmon1.jpgwashmon.jpgcannon.jpgcaleb21.jpgcaleb1.jpgburnside3.jpgburnside.jpgbridge.jpgstephen.jpgpumpkin2.jpgmeredith2.jpgmeredith.jpgjenjason.jpgjen.jpgjason.jpgjamie2.jpgjamie.jpgstephenjamie2.jpgcaleb3.jpg

3 thoughts on “Home Leave Activities…

  1. Aye, it was a WONderful weekend, indeed! Very relaxing, good food, beautiful fall foliage, some military history up close and personal, and excellent company (including Dwight Schrute)!

    We only hope Caleb’s Grandpa Gordon doesn’t discover that his grandson is a tree-hugger. Slim isn’t too keen on those “radical environmentalists.”

  2. Did you know that following a pattern while pumpkin carving is actually considered cheating?

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