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On Sabbath, Jen was ordained as an elder for the Highland View Church. She has been an elder for the last few years, but it wasn’t until just now that they got around to making it official. I decided to do a little research into what it means to be an officer of the church. Apparently, there are some requirements: moral and religious fitness. What do church officers do? They guard and feed the church. They are not to be hurried into office and those opposed to unity are not suitable for office. It is also unsafe to choose those who refuse to cooperate with others.

Elders specifically are considered the highest and most important office underneath the pastor. They must be a strong religious leader in the church and capable of ministering the Word. I didn’t know this, but an elder is supposed to serve a 1-2 year term and you are not officially an elder until your ordination.

I was very proud to see Jen ordained as an elder of our church. Her ministry through her music and through drama is fantastic. Congratulations Jen!

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  1. Hey, that’s super cool! Way to go, Jen. I know that your involvement at HVA Church has only improved what it offers the students and community members. 🙂

  2. I would have loved to be there. Jennifer has always found ways to make her dad proud, and clearly, she continues to do that.

    It is a special honor for me to have her ordained as an elder, because in both the Denver First Church and the Calhoun Church, circumstances placed me in the chairmanship of the nominating committee which, for the first time, brought in the names of women to serve as elders. In Denver we were braced for some dissent on this issue, and there was a little, which blew over very quickly. In Calhoun it got nasty, but we stood our ground. I hope the controversies of the ’80s and ’90s are becoming the accepted norms of the 21st Century. As for the delay in actually ordaining elders who were first elected two years ago, someone should be held to account for such spiritual slovenliness–and that is precisely what it is.

    I know from experience that elders can only be as effective as their pastors will allow them to be. But Jennifer has ways of exerting her spiritual influence that can be used by God, even if a pastor would prefer to curtail that influence. It’s part of who she is. Putting people like her in leadership positions signals the church’s best hope. I am honored to be her dad.

  3. Hey you guys! I am honored to read your loving and supportive comments! Thank you for believing in me! I’m excited to serve as an official elder, and I hope that my contributions to the church community will be helpful. Love, Jen

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