Sophie Minner Fulfills Lifelong Dream

So, Sophie is a mixed animal. She has been discovered to be part cat, squirrel, raccoon, weasel, rabbit, and now mountain goat. The other night she fulfilled her dream to stand on the top of the office door. She always wants to get up high, and this was a beautiful moment for her: she connected with her mountain goat roots.soph2.jpgsoph1.jpg

5 thoughts on “Sophie Minner Fulfills Lifelong Dream

  1. she seems to neglect her crown at the most critical moments for photo opportunities…perhaps it was the wrong color…

  2. perhaps she values it so highly that she only wants to bring it out on occasions of immense significance, like the queen with the crown jewels…

  3. Problem is . . . how would we know which occasions are of “immense significance” to Sophie? This is something she has always played very close to the vest, unlike Sidney and Monty, who wouldn’t think of passing up an opportunity to point out something of “immense significance,” such as a crumb dropping from the table, or our arrival home from . . . Wal-Mart.

  4. Did she really get up there all on her own? I have a hard time believing such a thing. What other life-long dreams has Sophie hidden up her fur-lined sleeves? You may come home to find her wearing an apron and cooking up some catnip-rubbed tuna.

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