We have returned from our whirlwind trip to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. We had a lovely time and enjoyed some beautiful beach weather–hot, humid, and mostly sunny. The tallest brick lighthouse in North America was enchanting, and so were the little towns. Unfortunately we didn’t get to windsurf because the wind wasn’t quite enough. So, we’ll have to save that for next time. Here are some pictures of our beautiful and quiet location.lighthouse.jpg





7 thoughts on “OBX

  1. Wow! What gorgeous pictures. And what are you doing with your hand in the pic of both of you? The lighthouse is so awesome! It makes me wonder…have I ever seen a lighthouse? hmmm. If there is one in Baltimore Harbour, it doesn’t count. I mean a lighthouse with character! 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Glad you got some more vacation time before school starts.

  3. What is the hand doing? After much thoughtful analysis my data systems are reporting that “the hand,” which does, indeed, seem to be positioned somewhat strangely, is actually attempting to break free and become its own separate entity. It is, in fact, acting upon data retrieved from a previous photo in the series–a photo, which, oddly enough, also features just Jason and Jennifer. That particular photo, however, shows Jason shirtless. In the later photo, obviously, what we have is a rogue hand remembering the previous photo and contemplating a strategy for getting back to it for the purpose of encrypting a secret message to us by forming Jason’s chest hairs into different patterns.

    I’m thinking of opening a consultancy in photo analysis. Clients may reach me at rayminner@hotmail.com

  4. Wow! I had no idea that my every movement had so much deeper meaning. I am so glad that Photo Analyst (or should I call him a Photanalyst? see Arrested Development for more word combining hilarity) R.D. Minner was able to clarify my actions.

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