My First Race

Today, July 4, 2007, was the date of my first official run! Sure, I’ve run the 1 mile at HVA on Olympic Day and other such school-sponsored events, but this was my first real-world event, and the longest distance run I’ve done: 5K! I know that to most people that sounds really small and insignificant, but it sure was a big deal to my non-trained, non-runner body! 🙂 Robby, Meredith, Adam, and I all ran the 5K in Williamsport, MD to benefit the Hagerstown Community College Track and Tennis Team Scholarships–whoop whoop! I beat my best time by several minutes! Even with walking about half and jogging about half, I still came in at 33:21. My previous best time (in practice) was at least 36 minutes, and that course was a bit short. Anyway, here are some pictures of the big event!

5k1.jpg Before the run

jen5k.jpg Jen feeling excited/scared before the run

Adam, Meredith, and Robby all came in about 12 minutes faster than me

jen5k1.jpg Jen just finished!

end.jpg Look at my crazy red face!

6 thoughts on “My First Race

  1. I’m so proud of you! I knew you would do so much better than you could imagine. When is your next race? 😀

  2. Do we need to put together a support team of family groupies to follow you around the country from race to race, complete with trailer/dressing room, etc? Let us know.

  3. To all my peeps out there–thanks for the support! 🙂 I would love for you to become my cheering squad at the next race: probably on Labor Day!

  4. who could have a cooler neighbor than this? sorry i wasn’t there to cheer you on, but i knew you would do great!

  5. Look at you running in races–way to be! You even got to wear a race number on the front of your tank top!

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