Our Crazy Weekend


We had a whirlwind trip to St. Louis to celebrate Kelly’s graduation from a strenuous one-year accelerated nursing program. She did a fantastic job!! It was fun to spend time with family and hang out in the cool city. It was Jason’s first time to see the arch. Very cool! Also cool: Yogi Berra had the graduation address for the St. Louis University graduation. He pretty much just read a script of all his Yogi-isms. Like “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” Still, quite interesting. Ben Carson was also given an honorary degree from SLU.



guys.jpgarch5.jpg arch3.jpgarch2.jpg jenjasonarch.jpg

jenarch.jpg yogi.jpgstlouis.jpg

5 thoughts on “Our Crazy Weekend

  1. Some really nifty photos there! I wonder if you remembered, Redhead, that you were flying into and out of “Megan’s airport?” That’s really a cardinal thought to keep in mind.

    Congratulations to Kelly!

  2. Congratulations, Kelly! I can’t even IMAGINE being enrolled in an accelerated nursing program. ugh.

    Sweet pictures, you guys!

  3. The best person to explain would be the lovely Megan, herself–except that she may not even remember that on family trips from Colorado to Georgia when she was a child, as we would get close to St. Louis from the west on I-70, Megan always became quite animated and loved to watch the planes on final approach to Lambert Field. Likewise, on the return trip to Colorado, as we came through St. Louis she would watch for the airport on the right. Thus, in family lore, Lambert Field will always be “Megan’s airport.” Unfortunately, on the only occasion when I have ever used Lambert as an airline passenger (2002), I observed that as airports go these days, Megan could have done a lot better.

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