Ice Cream is serious business

Jennifer: we just got back from having an ice cream truck come to the school for everyone to get an ice cream
Jason: insano
Jennifer: it’s “student appreciation week” now
Jason: out of the blue huh
Jennifer: it was playing the ice cream truck music and everything
well, the SA officers decided that they wanted to do some cool stuff for the students this week
and they got permission
Jason: man, I want to hijack an ice cream truck
Jennifer: haha
Jason: remember in the movie “Heat” where they take a semi-truck and ram the armored truck
Jennifer: yeah’
Jason: and it knocks over sideways and they all run out
and take all the money
imagine that
except with ice cream

9 thoughts on “Ice Cream is serious business

  1. I’m not sure ice cream is “serious business,” but hijacking an ice cream truck surely would be. Indeed, unless you could chock a lot of turtle tracks to throw the fuzz off your trail, you could end up treading a very rocky road. Of course, if you planned the crime to occur in the Midwest you could fudge a bit by escaping through the Mississippi mud to a waiting VAN on the ILLAnois side. But I sherbet the whole caper would cost you a mint. Even so, if you actually pulled it off, what a cheery jubilee!

  2. Was the really the how the conversation went or did you just make that up? You two are silly…see you tomorrow night!

  3. It would be interesting to learn why Jason and Katie always get their names highlighted in yellow, while the rest of us (perhaps less highly valued) commenters must be content with a very unremarkable, yea innocuous flat set of italics. Are there two classes into which commenters are capriciously divided by His Highness, the Moderator? What, exactly, is the full significance of this distinction? I believe your readers are entitled to a full REAL LIFE explanation which would never be fabricated or embellished in any way.

  4. Most of his readers already understand this strange yellow highlighting phenomenon. One must earn the right to be distinguished. I think, perhaps, that it is a right Ray is incapable of earning at this stage in his life. Maybe one day, the answer will “click” in his brain.

    Also, how is it that Katie posted only THREE minutes after Jason’s original post? I envision her madly clicking the refresh button on her browser all day long, waiting anxiously for a new post from her sister or brother-in-law.

    And one final note… Ray apparently has way too much time on his hands!

  5. I must say, Ray Minner, your first post is a post to behold! The second post…well, you could use a little work.

    Puhleease. I must defend myself by saying that Jen TOLD me via Google Chat that I had to check out their blog. She and Jason had just had the conversation, and had just posted it. So there.

    I just don’t have anything super-humorous to say this morning. That’s all, folks!

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