Finished blog….

Okay peeps, you can visit the entire account of our England trip on my HVA webpage (, but here are a few choice pictures from the trip.queen.jpgavebury.jpgstonehenge2.jpgstephen.jpgcastle3.jpgclimb2.jpgeye.jpgshakespeare.jpgavon.jpgeye3.jpgeye2.jpgparliament.jpgparliament2.jpgbritmuseum.jpgjen.jpgjen1.jpg

6 thoughts on “Finished blog….

  1. The shot of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament looks like a post card! Incredible! Also, the shot of you in that cap on the street in London makes me suspect you’ve gone totally Brit on us!

  2. Thanks Daddy! I’m glad you like my pictures! 🙂 And yes, I have gone totally Brit. 🙂

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