Weird Winter Weather

jendc.jpgHere in Maryland, as in much of the country, we have had a strange winter. January was supposedly the warmest on record, and even February and March have had some really warm days! But then, out of the blue, 3 different snow storms suddenly descended on Western Maryland and as a result we’ve had 6 snow days and 3 delays total. Pretty crazy! It is my hope that spring has finally arrived. Here are some photos of our snow events and of my recent excursion with the Class of 2007 to Washington, DC. (The cherry blossoms should be blooming shortly,cherryblossom2005.jpg but, alas, I will be in England….ah well, life is full of trade-offs!)cb20052.jpgsnow2.jpgsnow5.jpg

2 thoughts on “Weird Winter Weather

  1. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for the wierd weather. Thanks for providing the pictures. Here in Texas things are warming up and blooming. Sirill and I went to Big Bend and enjoyed hiking in the 90s and swiming across the Rio Grande. We even went to the rodeo the other day, I guess we are fitting in.


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