The Big Surprise!!

So, I came to Scottsdale, Arizona to receive my teaching award, and little did I know that when I walked into the room, my dear father would be there waiting to surprise me!!! It was such a surprise! I didn’t even see him at first because there were several people in the room and I wasn’t really looking at anyone. Then I almost sat down one seat away from him and saw him smiling at me! I almost cried!! (But, being the responsible, mature professional that I am, I managed to control myself.) He had flown crazy hours to and from Arizona just to be there with me for a few short hours and share in my moment. How sweet is that?!? Anyway, the evening went well, and we had a lovely time. Unfortunately Daddy had to leave all too soon to catch his all-night flight back home.  A big thanks to Laurie and Carmie for making this possible!!!



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