Happy Thanksgiving


Hello Loved Ones. You’ve probably seen the pictures on Facebook, but I wanted to share a photo from our recent photo shoot with the beautiful and talented Monika Bliss Morris.

We had a lovely day today with gorgeous weather and a fun dinner with Robby, Meredith, Isaac, and Avery. Of course Juliana is thrilled any time that Isaac is here to play, and they had a good time together, mostly. Their visit may have included some kissing. The meal was standard veggie fare: Christmas casserole (old family recipe), green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, 5-cup salad, bread, pumpkin pie. Delicious. Maybe not so nutritious.

Although this year has had its share of tragedy and trials, we remain incredibly blessed. God is watching over us every day, and I am grateful that we have each other (nearly to the 15-year anniversary!), our precious Juliana who brings us amazing joy every day, a baby soon to arrive, dear family members in Tennessee and Michigan and Florida and Switzerland, and wonderful friends all over this country. Thanks to each of you for the ways you bless our lives.

I hope your Thanksgiving was special and meaningful.

Now, for more food . . .