3 Years Old

So this is what a 3-year-old looks like! (Of course she still is the size of a small 2-year-old, barely fitting into 24month or 2T clothing, but that’s okay!)


img_2093-427×640.jpg img_2094-427×640.jpg img_2104-427×640.jpg img_2140-427×640.jpg img_2135-427×640.jpg img_2095-640×427.jpg img_2132-640×427.jpg img_2134-640×427.jpg

Some new, favorite toys from her birthday:
–kitchen and cooking, especially with play-dough and her new whisk
–toy animal figurines
–lady bug watch (“I need to have my watch on, Mommy”)
–playing all of her new musical instruments
–coloring and drawing
–stickers galore
–feeding her babies with the eternally filling bottles
–solving wooden puzzles
–reading her new books
–build a “castle” (otherwise known as a tower) with her blocks
–play catch will all kinds of balls, including the newly rediscovered “sparkly” ball

Favorite apps:
–Letter School
–ABC Music (introduces her to all the instruments. When we are in a restaurant and there is background music playing, she will say: “Mommy, what instrument is that?” Or: “Mommy, I hear a violin!”)
–TED (yes, she watches TED talks)

Something funny she said today, out of nowhere and related to nothing: “Don’t be sillly, Mommy! This is important!” I thought it was hilarious and laughed, so she now says it all the time.

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  1. How have I been missing your posts! “Don’t be silly, Mommy!” HAHAHA! I love it! She is so cute! She is so grown up it’s almost sad. But mostly it’s AWESOME. A watch!

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