Babies Invade

We were blessed this weekend to get to visit with many friends–new and old! It was home leave, so I spent some time cleaning the house and catching up on some grading, but I also got to eat a lovely lunch with Cara (Nixon) Stenfors on Friday. Then, we had many visitors on Sabbath! Tom and Cheryl Smith, along with Heather (Smith) Landers and gorgeous baby Karen joined us for lunch. We had such a great time with Karen! (She sure does love stickers and making noise by banging a spoon and a pot!) We also got to know Tim Vandeman, music director at Takoma Academy, and friend of Phil Riley–our old friend. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then, later that evening Nikki (Oakley) Getman, husband Chris, and baby Owen arrived to hang out with us. We also spent time with Vicki (Macomber) Redden, her husband Ron and baby Elaina, Paul Howe, Jenny Harlow, and of course good old Adam and Tommy. It was a great weekend! Now, if we can only have a snow day (or delay) tomorrow!!!

owen.jpgย Owen finishes a masterpiece on the piano!
karen.jpgKaren is so beautiful!
karenstickers.jpgKaren loves stickers!
karenbottle.jpgDrinking quietly.
nikkiowenchris.jpgNikki, Owen, and Chris. Aren’t they a cute family!
jennikkiowen.jpgJen looking rough.

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