2 Years Old


Here are some Juliana-isms for you:

“Maaaaa” = I’m being gentle in petting the kitty / This feels so soft / I am deliberately NOT hitting you.

“Eeeessa doooggy!” = I love that random dog so much and it makes me so happy that I am going to squeal until you two break down and get me my own.

“Howoooo!” = I have just discovered how incredibly awesome the moon is, and I think that I will try to howl at it like a wolf.

“eee” = meow

“ahh, beee, ceee, dah” = Yes, I am singing the alphabet song.

“Mroo” = Please take me down to see the cows in the back yard before they disappear to their “happy home in the country,” because I love every animal so much, even if they don’t know I exist.

“Key-key” = I just saw Sophie run by as she was trying to escape from me, and she totally made my day!

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5 thoughts on “2 Years Old

  1. Thank you for posting this. I was wondering last night how she was doing. I prayed for you when the girls were first born. My son was still in the nicu then, born in October. I am glad to see how absolutely wonderful she is doing. What an amazing little girl.

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