A new cousin

Welcome to the world, Ellis Mark Partlo! He was born on July 14, 2011 weighing 8 lb 2 oz. He’s a sweet, beautiful baby and we are so happy to have a nephew! Juliana’s first cousin! Congratulations to Katie and Justin who are wonderful parents!

ellis1.jpg ellis2.jpg ellis3.jpg ellis4.jpg ellis5.jpgellis6.jpg ellis8.jpg ellis10.jpg ellis11.jpg ellis12.jpg ellis7.jpg ellis9.jpg

Hmmm . . . look familiar?

ellis15b1.jpg daddybaby2.jpg

3 thoughts on “A new cousin

  1. Fantastic photos! Enough to make a grandpa’s heart sing!

    You know, that baby on the right looks uncannily like Ellis! Did you do a B&W of Ellis? WHO IS THAT?!

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