Summer 2011, second half

So, I have obviously kind of abandoned the blog. It wasn’t intentional, I promise! We’ve just found that uploading photos from our phones onto Facebook has been so much easier than downloading and reformatting from our camera. However, we have dear friends who aren’t necessarily on Facebook who still want to see recent pictures of Juliana. So, here are a few more pictures for you all! We’re thinking of getting a different blog that will be easier to use, but we will let you know if/when we make the switch. Thanks to you all for keeping up with Juliana and for caring so much about her. We love you all!

Juliana will be 2 this October. How time flies! We have had a busy summer: we went to the beach with friends, visited new baby cousin Ellis Mark Partlo and the Minner side of the family in Tennessee, visited Michigan to see friends and the Payne side of the family, went to the zoo with Nana and Papa, went to Lake Michigan, played in the wading pool and learned to run! Click on the thumbnails to see the large versions of the pictures!

laurietruck.jpg julianatruck2.jpg julianatruck.jpg familyzoo.jpg julianaalex.jpg julianacorn.jpg julianagoat.jpg julianagoat2.jpg julianagrandmak.jpg julianahat.jpg julianahat2.jpg julianaicecream.jpg julianaicecream2.jpg julianajason.jpg julianalake2.jpg julianalake3.jpg julianalake4.jpg julianalake5.jpg julianalakemichigan.jpg juliananana.jpg julianapapanana.jpg julianasheep.jpg julianawalking.jpg kellyjuliana.jpg

For extra fun, match the captions with the photos:

1. Juliana and her own private yacht.
2. Juliana, Mommy, Daddy, and John Ball.
3. Juliana, Nana, and cousin Alex.
4. After a close taste test, Juliana decides that mint chocolate chip is her favorite.
5. Juliana pets a goat.
6. Juliana thinks that goats are just about the right size to ride.
7. Juliana, Nana, and Papa.
8. Juliana and Aunt Kelly.
9. Juliana thinks the dump truck is her own personal vehicle and Uncle Justin (favorite person of the year) and Grandma Minner are her chauffeurs.
10. Juliana finds that sheep are softer than she originally thought.
11. Juliana thinks the white hat makes her look really cute.
12. Juliana runs like the wind away from the corn. That corn is waaaay too tall.
13. Juliana can’t be bothered to look up for a photo because “this sand won’t just dig itself!”
14. And again.
15. And again.
16. And again.
17. Juliana takes a stroll through the John Ball Zoo with Daddy and Nana.
18. Juliana loves her Great-Grandma Kinyon.

3 thoughts on “Summer 2011, second half

  1. Juliana is so blessed! She has so many that love her and this summer she was able to share her little life with so many. Love all the pictures! She certainly is our little sweetie! Thanks for sharing some of your summer with us in Michigan. It meant so much! Love and miss the 3 J’s.

  2. Looks like a wonderful summer of fun for Juliana and family! Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures!

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