The Happy Holidays

It was a busy and lovely holiday season. On December 14 my Children’s Literature class at CUC finished. Here are some of my lovely students. Recognize anyone?cuc.jpg

After school got out on December 15, I had a few days to finish my grades, clean the house, and finalize Christmas shopping. On Tuesday, December 19 I went to the sing-along Messiah in Frederick. That was great! Between Adam, me, Jamie, Stephen, Brian, Natalie, Natalie’s mom, Laurie, and Felicia, we had all the parts covered!

Then Jason and I flew to Michigan to see his family for Christmas. Chris and Kelly and Jason’s parents particularly loved rocking out to Guitar Hero. Unfortunately I got a nasty cold over vacation and had to spend a couple of days in bed. I felt miserable, but I got to read a lot! I read through Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series and The Great Influenza–the story of the 1918 pandemic. Very interesting stuff. Jason was the recipient of the most awesome group gift ever–a gorgeous electric guitar! He has been playing it all the time! jasonguitar.jpg



When we returned to Maryland I had a few days to relax and get some lesson planning done before school started. We also had a great New Year’s Eve party with lots of friends! Joshua and Hannah tried their turn at Dance Dance Revolution. A minor problem: their legs aren’t very long! 🙂



Now that school is back in session, we’re back to the same old schedule, but it doesn’t feel like winter with 70 degree temperatures!

By the way, I’m not very witty or interesting, so my posts will tend to be more news and pictures, while Jason’s posts will enliven your days. I hope that’s okay!

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  1. Neat pictures! Although, I must say, someone should caution Brian (Whippersnapper) Gauthier that if he isn’t careful his face could freeze in that expression.

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